Beautiful and simple Coming Soon websites, without coding

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Hi, we have tried to keep this project as simple as it gets and it has a single purpose. To create in minutes a website for your upcoming project and get back to work. This way your domain will be indexed by Google and the other search engines, you can start collecting email from users that are interested and tell people you are working on your project with something to show for it. A few example websites: Your email capture form works out of the box, you can manage it easily, you can export your subscribers and import the list on MailChimp or any other service you prefer... Hope you'll like it and can't wait to hear your feedback!
Just try it with and I really appreciate the final result. Setted-up in seconds. Just great. Would be awesome to be able to connect it to other services like Zapier ;)
@thibaultmilan Glad you liked it! The plan is to start adding integrations but had to test if there is a demand for a coming soon website builder! Thx!
@anges244 btw, I find the plan a little bit pricey to be able to "just" use a custom domain name that I already bought. I think if you include 3rd party integration with it, could be great then.
Great stuff !two quick question does it have any integration with Wordpress and can a product review website can be made out of it ? Thanks 😊
@ayush_chandra Hi, what kind of integration with Wordpress? Your ShareBoost website is self-hosted and autonomous so it can't really be contained in WP. You can use this until you complete or setup your normal website so your domain can be indexed by Google and other search engines and to let interested visitors give your their email. As for a product review website, it could but I think it would be something down the line... The thought is to create a community of the Pro members and allow them to chat and help each other out, maker to maker!
@anges244 I meant could the builder be integrated into Wordpress for creating it but as you have mentioned it cannot ,so it solves my query. Thanks
Looks super clear and simple! But I can't find information about pricing plan.
@stepan_velichko check the FAQ section or try adding a domain and you'll see the available plans!
@anges244 oh, ok thank's. This isn't so simple)