Share any Email via Secure URL Link

Get a secure link for any email to share privately on chat

Share your private emails on chat services like WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage. Email links are secure, and ensures that you can share emails without a paper trail.
Also great for reference when dealing with more than 1 customer service rep at a large company.
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Hello fellow product hunters! Our team created a shareable Gmail link tool so that you can reference any email you received on text, iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, etc. without having to forward the actual email. It includes the entire thread, and any attachments too. Just copy and paste the email link to your chat! :) Imagine this: You're chatting on Slack with your team, but you need to reference an email you received. So, you: Step 1) Tell your team to hang on while you forward your email to each of them. Step 2) Wait until everyone confirms that they received it. Step 3) Resume your team meeting. We found this scenario really impractical. Nobody should ever have to break the flow of chatting in Slack, just to go to their Gmail, make everybody wait, and then back to Slack again. It just doesn't make sense. This tool solves that problem by seamlessly incorporating an email into a chat. And because we think this problem is so ridiculous, it's been built for you free of charge. Enjoy! :)
@nassaraf works great. here is an idea for you: create a forwarding email address where you can forward any email and receive in return a shareable link. also improve your logo :)
@ourielohayon So simple, it's genius. With your suggestion, it doesn't need to be restricted to a laptop and can work directly from mobile. We're on it!
@nassaraf great idea and very useful!
Again, why isn't Gmail doing these stuff? Awesome feature
Looks like a really cool idea :0
Great stuff!
Thanks so much to my team, and welcome to all of you hunters! Having a link to your email so that you can reference it in chats or in other platforms, is something we always wanted from Gmail. We even thought that maybe Dropbox might do it with Carousel, but that never worked out very well. ;) So, we figured it was time to implement this because like @nassaraf said, our team talks a lot on Skype and Slack, but our 200K + customers all email us. Instead of wasting time forwarding emails back and forth, this does a good job of keeping our team focused during our meetings, and we can still reference a customer's email that one of us received. It's also really good to use with my friends in text, or with my wife for emails that I received from my kids' teachers, etc... It's not just a work app, it's really a lifehack to use whenever you need it. Email and chat really needs to find a way to be more cohesive, and we think this tool can help fix that issue. I hope you enjoy it- it's free for all Product hunters.