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@gtolle - I really like the latest version of the service! It is really streamlined and clear what you offer and why I would want to hire a stylist. Having a single place where customers can choose a stylist who they feel is a good match for them is a real advantage over searching around and looking at the websites of lots of individual stylists. I've banned myself from buying clothes since I started Mapistry, but otherwise I would totally be using this! On another note, I recently had a stylist give me a $25 coupon for their services at an all women pitch event. I haven't used it (because of the aforementioned shopping ban), but I thought it was a good strategy, especially if you are already at an event.
@alliejanoch yay! Well, our stylists are great at working with _any_ budget, low or high. So as soon as you lift the ban even just a little bit, we'd love to hook you up. Super happy to see that Mapistry is live - just signed up, and it looks great already. Thanks for the suggestion about the coupons. We just started a $25 referral program with personal URLs, actually (www.sharesomestyle.com/invite), and it would be awesome to bring it into the physical world too.
"dress like the job you want, not the job you have" Step it up people ;)
My friends Gilman and Diane started this site to be an "uber" for fashion emergencies and to help people spruce up their closet for sudden life changes. Excited to see how far along the platform is coming and all of the stylists on the site.
Hi all! Co-founder of Share Some Style here. Happy to answer any questions you have. Shout out to @thorpus, @ashbhoopathy, and @eriktorenberg for being awesome and encouraging.
Hey @gtolle 1) what are the most common use cases you are seeing right now? what types of people are using this? 2) what inspired you to make this?
@eriktorenberg thanks for kicking it off! We're seeing a few key use cases: 1. Women and men who are a few years out of college and have made the choice to "up their style game" for work. We're the fastest way to make a lasting transformation. 2. Women and men with great careers (founders, leaders, business folks, tech people) who are just too busy to shop but want to stay stylish. It's a great way to "outsource" your style to a person who really cares about you. 3. Other "style improvement" use cases - you want to create a bunch of confidence-inspiring outfits for dating, or you just want to revamp your wardrobe because you feel like you have nothing to wear. Diane and I created this because we totally fell into use case #1! We wanted to stop dressing like college students and start dressing like adults, but we got stuck. Magazines weren't really personalized enough to help, and sales associates were too pushy. A friend of ours referred us to another friend who was just starting out as a personal stylist, and she really helped us understand what worked for our bodies and helped us develop the core style we were trying to go for. So, we decided to create a service that makes this awesome experience available to everyone.