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Most links I share on multiple platforms don't need anything special done to them. I even noticed last night that sharing a URL with a friend populated a link-card style message. What does this do that I am overlooking?
@bentossell What does this do that I am overlooking?!
@hallojona I'll take it back haha. May be useful to have an example (video/gif) of how this does work so people like me don't say stupid shit ha!
@bentossell Maybe there is a better tagline for this product?
@bentossell This is very useful for website owners - to publish links that - after clicking on them - share the page exactly the way that the owner wants. P.S. I'm biased because I created a similar tool:
@konradcaban @bentossell Your sharing buttons generator is fantastic. Great custom options! Thanks!
Used this a few weeks ago on a project at work ( It was SUPER easy and really helpful.
I tried to use the html... When on mobile it just opens the twitter website but doesn't do the tweet. Good idea, but I couldn't get it to work?
@imstilljosh I had the same problem.
@hallojona @imstilljosh hmm... well, the idea of all the link building on one page rocks. Too bad it doesn't work.
Wow, this tool comes in handy. Very simple to use. It had be great if it also allowed tracking.