Shards UI Kit

A free and modern UI kit based on Bootstrap 4.

Shards UI Kit is a free, modern and lightweight UI toolkit based on Bootstrap 4 that comes packed with 2 extra pre-built landing pages and 11 custom components that you can use to kick-off your next project.

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18 Reviews5.0/5
Hello Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ Thank you Ionut for the hunt! I’m Catalin, the founder of DesignRevision and maker of Shards and I’m really excited to finally show you the project I’ve been working on during the past month. πŸ”‘ A few key features of Shards: - The kit has a modern design system with subtle micro-interactions. - Packed with two pre-built landing pages and 11 extra custom components. - Compatible with both Material and FontAwesome icon packs. - Tiny, with its CSS weighting only 12.41 kb minified and gzipped. - Responsive by default. - Well documented. - Absolutely free! Make sure you check out all the details on the official page and also the live demos! I really hope you will enjoy it! 😁 Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas!


1.1. - Unlimited commercial client work usage. - YES

1.2. - Unlimited personal work usage. - YES

1.3. - Educational and training purposes. - YES

1.4. - Creation of "Software as a Service" (SaaS) application(s).

(eg. generators, etc) - NO

1.5. - Creation of product(s) aimed for specific platform(s).

(eg. WordPress Themes, etc) - NO

1.6. - Distribution - NO

1.7. - Sub-licensing - NO

1.8. - Re-selling - NO

so if i want to use it as a base for a CMS theme for my or other websites

or i want to use it as a base for SAAS.


the look


the licence is unclear

Hello Ane! Thank you for your review. I am not sure I fully understand what you mean. Could you please clarify what do you consider unclear in the license as the items you presented are clearly stated in both license summary and grant terms.
@anedisi @nydrewreynolds We decided to relicense Shards. πŸ˜„ You can read more about it here:
I'm a sucker for amazing design. Very Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr Thank you very much! πŸ˜ƒ
Really great design. Build out more components and make a paid version.
@joshuapinter Thank you, Joshua! I'm glad you like it! That's actually on my to-do list. πŸ™Œ
Wow this is super nice, and will probably use it in future on my mini projects, I so much like the style of it. FYI: The only thing the url in the demo for Download button is on the localhost instead of your domain, so maybe fixing it would be good for you. (I found the way for my self but you, for sure, don't want to force that for every user)
@aleksandars Thank you! πŸ™ I'm really glad you like it. I also fixed the link issue, sorry about that. 😁