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Ace Bhattacharjya
Ace Bhattacharjya@durjoy · Narvii
Everyone has a ton of photographs on their phone. I never get around to sharing them. Sharalike makes it super simple to create slideshows with music (Straight out of Compton sounds perfect when playing in the background of my preschooler at the beach). Full disclosure: I'm an advisor to Sharalike because I like what they're doing...
Dmitry Dragilev
Dmitry DragilevHunter@dragilev · Founder @
These guys convert pictures into raw HTML5 slideshows which look like videos in Facebook but are actually slideshows which take 1/10th of the time to make, they're one of the 6 FB dev partners (among vimeo, soundcloud) who are allowed to play native HTML5 embeds in FB timelines:
Leroy Etienne
Leroy EtienneMaker@etienne_l · co-founder, V360, sharalike
We focus a lot on User Experience, our product is super simple and fast, check out this small video that compare sharalike with other video Slideshow app :
Leroy Etienne
Leroy EtienneMaker@etienne_l · co-founder, V360, sharalike
Etienne here, founder of Sharalike, excited to be on PH today! It took us 700,000 downloads and being featured Best New App by Apple in 10 countries to get to the point to be recognized by PH community, long journey, thank you! Any questions or comments or feedback please leave a comment, we love hearing from people.
Miranda Right
Miranda Right@miranda_right
I'm happy there are so many great tools available on the web for converting my photos into videos. This tool allows me to create amazing slideshows with music and great special effects.