Shapr for communities

Meet the right people within your communities

Shapr is a networking app (iOS & Android) that lets you swipe through a daily selection of profiles to make the connections you didn't expect. Using Communities, you can now join your existing communities on the app and get prioritized introductions to their members.

You can try it out! Add #ProductHunt to your profile and meet fellow hunters!

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Shapr was hunted two years ago but they just released a new version that brings lots of value to their product. They have now made it possible for existing communities such as alumni organizations, diversity and inclusion groups and large companies to use the app for 1:1 introductions between members super easily. And it’s free 👌
@adrienm this makes total sense indeed. Something we launched two years ago with already, we call it Stacks ;)
@adrienm @milann nice product! And thanks again for the first hunt 2 years ago!
Hello Product Hunt and thanks so much to @adrienm for PH for hunting us! We started Shapr with the vision of making networking a daily habit. Our goal is to provide a simple and meaningful way to make professional connections. During the past year, we have been humbled by our growth to over 600,000 users and we are now launching Shapr Communities to make matching with relevant professionals even easier. Using Shapr Communities, you can now join your existing communities on the app and get prioritized introductions to members from those groups. For example, join #VetsOnShapr to meet other veterans in your city or add #Google if you’re a Googler hoping to connect with colleagues you’ve yet to meet. Don’t see your community? Just fill out this form to get your community set up on the app! We are super excited to offer you new ways to network and meet through Shapr! I'll be happy to answer questions if you have!
So cool - this makes a ton of sense as the next iteration.
Oh and you can start right now! Just add #ProductHunt to your Shapr profile to get intros to other hunters & product lovers everyday!
Been using Shapr for a while: great tool to network and meet interesting people. Looking forward to trying this community version!