A scale that digitizes your body in photorealistic 3D! 💪

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Martin Kessler
@kesslerio · Founder & COO of Shape. I ❤️ Hardware.
Hey! Excited to be on Product Hunt today! 😀 We've spent over two years working on the best device to keep track your physical fitness and appearance. ShapeScale naturally complements existing fitness trackers and health apps that already keep track of your activities and diet. ShapeScale was born out of our own frustration that to-date there is simply no … See more
Hiten Shah
@hnshah · Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
ShapeScale is the first personal 3D body scanner. You step on it and get scanned in less than a minute. It is a new kind of health device. ShapeScale has a clever heat map feature that color-grades your body image so that you can visually track changes that are so small that your eyes can't see them. This is great for anyone who is looking to get in better… See more
Nick Zieber
@nzieber · Community & Partnerships @whub_io
Super proud of you guys Martin and Alexandre - going from Hong Kong to YC to bringing Shape Scale to market. I'll definitely be buying one.
shahar yakir
@shaharyakir · VP R&D, Co-founder @ Guggy
I think this is the most incredible PH listing I have seen to date. Way to go!
Ricky Yean
@rickyyean · CEO, PRX.co
Woohoo! TechHive has the best video so far: http://www.techhive.com/article/...