A scale that digitizes your body in photorealistic 3D! 💪

ShapeScale is a 3D personal body scanner, scale and fitness tracker that digitizes your body in photorealistic 3D. Its companion app then shows you where exactly you have been gaining muscle and losing fat by color-grading your 3D avatar.

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Hey! Excited to be on Product Hunt today! 😀 We've spent over two years working on the best device to keep track your physical fitness and appearance. ShapeScale naturally complements existing fitness trackers and health apps that already keep track of your activities and diet. ShapeScale was born out of our own frustration that to-date there is simply no good way of keeping track of whether one’s daily diet and exercises are actually delivering the results we have been hoping for. There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing whether your hard work is actually paying off! For us fitness is the natural first application that works without scale (no pun intended!), but beyond fitness and health we see many other great applications such as virtual fitting rooms, tailor-made clothing, virtual reality avatars and even things such as custom-made furniture and wearables (tailor-made to your individual shape!). We have a special deal for all product hunters, simply use promo code: PRODUCTHUNT ✌
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@kesslerio I obviously have to ask what you plan to do for it's packaging, Martin! :)
@pakhzar haha good one. We'll definitely go with something robust like a good mailer package, but yes we'll have to put some good thinking into the packaging later this year.
ShapeScale is the first personal 3D body scanner. You step on it and get scanned in less than a minute. It is a new kind of health device. ShapeScale has a clever heat map feature that color-grades your body image so that you can visually track changes that are so small that your eyes can't see them. This is great for anyone who is looking to get in better shape and struggles to keep track of their fitness and diet progress. Regular scales fluctuate too much in weight and are known to be inaccurate when it comes to body fat. Beyond fitness, there will be a range of other possible applications for technology like this, so I'm intrigued to see where it goes in the future.
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@hnshah Just a heads up, the Naked scanner debuted a year ago (also pre-order)
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@mg that was my thought! #firstNotFirst
@mg @hnshah Has it shipped?
Woohoo! TechHive has the best video so far:
future here we are!!
@rohillion Well said! Scales and mirrors have been around for ages and very little has changed. Even still very common health measures such as the BMI are completely outdated these days.