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Making Google Analytics better for Makers for free

Shanc is an app that shows you most relevant metrics for your business by filtering all the noise from Google Analytics reports so that you can focus on metrics that matters the most.
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Hey Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ I wanted to have a more convenient way to track analytics for all my side projects. I already had Google Analytics integrated into my projects, but GA's dashboard felt quite overwhelming. I found this issue to be more common than expected, and a couple of us came together to figure out a solution. We researched other analytics tools available in the market and found their dashboard to be comparatively appealing and straightforward. Still, all of them had a subscription fee, and there was no way to migrate data and existing configuration from GA. To solve this issue, we built an app that takes the best of both worldsβ€”a robust analytics super engine with a more pleasing dashboard experience. Shanc is a minimal integration over your existing Google Analytics, which also provides weekly reports with your preferred metrics. We are planning to add more robust features on top of this to enable users to track and manage their Google Analytics better. Would love to hear from your guys 😊
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Interesting product! This completely changes the piece of crap GA interface which requires a PhD and 20 clicks to look at anything. This'd help to redesign my GA portal to be more beautiful and relevant to my project's goals!
Thanks @yudhista_lumbur, Glad this actually helps you. 😊
Congratulations on the launch! It's amazing and a great product!
@anusha_acharya1 Thanks so much 😊
Looks interesting!!