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@davemcclure thanks for posting us on PH! Hello Product Hunters, thanks for showing us some love. Shakr is Canva for video. Sign up through PH and get a 100% discount on your first video! Tweet about us and get two 100% promo codes. :-) Shakr makes it possible for everyone to make SUPER AWESOME video ads for less than $100 -- and everything is try-before-you-buy. Make a video for free, only pay if you agree the video is SUPER AWESOME. What's a SUPER AWESOME video ad? It's not just a video ad that looks awesome. It's a video ad that drives massive business results, like when drove 9x FB likes vs the image ads they typically run.
We have over ONE THOUSAND video designs that are SUPER AWESOME. Our video designs are made by independent designers around the world, many of whom have done video design work for big brands like Nike, BMW, Samsung, CBS. They sell their video designs through Shakr, you can personalize any of them right inside your web browser. Please let me know what you think in the comments! Pulling an all-nighter here in Seoul for any questions the PH community might have about Shakr or video advertising.
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The NYT's @HirokoTabuchi wrote that, "Small merchants can use some of the bells and whistles available to savvy start-ups or big corporations — like the video ads that run before YouTube clips."
The video ad industry's smartest coverage is at Video Ad News, where @vinnyflood says "Shakr have simplified the workflow for creating video ads, so pretty much anyone can create a professional looking video ad for their business — often for as little as $50."
Our friends @armandobiondi @massimocw at AdEspresso say "Meet Shakr, a super simple, affordable solution for creating amazing Video Ads and presentations."
I tried it and must say you did a great job on the UX. Very easy to use. I tried the Light grey design in Apps but must say it doesn't work for our productivity app since the characters of the text are very limited so some more options to skip / add text fields would have been nice. I'll still keep Shakr bookmarked for other projects since the price is really reasonable. So thumbs up!
@danny_kleckers yikes thanks for the awesome feedback! We need to make a new version of the Light Grey design in Apps for you. Pro tip: you can enter 2 blank spaces in any text field to skip it. (Well, more like a hack to compensate for a feature we haven't developed yet... #brutaltruth)
Wow. This is has the potential to be game changing and I can't even imagine what marketers are going to discover by being able to more rapidly test video creative. If Shakr can deliver on this promise, we might actually be able to test and create the amount of variations in ad creative we need to in order to be more successful with mobile video ads.
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@hnshah very nice to meet you! That's definitely what we are working towards - many people advise us to raise our prices. Instead, I imagine a world where everyone can afford to create multiple videos for every campaign, split testing to get the best possible result. Shakr will eventually power video creative for some of the smartest ad tech companies out there, who are leveraging split testing for everything by video - because of the high upfront cost of professional video creative. To get there, we are exposing our API to select partners, and meanwhile every day the Shakr team and our community of over 1,000 independent designers is cranking hard to accumulate more video designs and better video designs.
This looks really cool and can't wait to try for our own video ads. I'm sure our designers will thank you for freeing up their resources!
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@marymin glad your designers will be checking us out! We have awesome new video designs coming out every week. Please take us up on the PH offer for free Shakr video upgrades!
@marymin gogogogo
This is really cool. There are a lot of really crappy versions of this idea out there. It's clearly something the market needs / wants, but almost no one who is producing any quality deliverables / videos. Nice work!
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@rebeccall80 Thanks Rebecca, you're right about that, we've gone the long and hard way of making something that will actually give end users a great video, not a glorified slideshow. I know @davidhylee have some preaching about the importance of focusing on customer success. We've solved the quality issue many service have by 1. Experimenting ALOT with internal designs/developers and 2. Becoming a marketplace for motion graphic designers. We publish more and more video designs each week, so there will always be something new to come back to as an end user.
The interface is sleek and simple. The pricing is amazing. Kudos.
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@mailmevenkat25 Thanks for the feedback! Looking forward to see what you can create on Shakr! Say hi to us in the Intercom chat bubble!
@mailmevenkat25 Pricing gets even better when you use a FREE product hunt coupon! :-)