Shaken Cocktails

A monthly pack of cocktail ingredients, delivered.

#3 Product of the DayJune 01, 2014
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I'm Alex, on of the co-founders. Happy to answer any questions :)
Yo, @alexheeton! Excellent gift idea and similar to Vinyl Me, Please, you're selling an experience, not just drinks. How do you choose which drinks to feature and do you ship to the U.S.?
@rrhoover Yea, I'm a product guy at heart, and wanted to make something that focussed on simply being delightful :) We don't ship to the US yet (we're very young and based in the UK), but there are alternatives like As for drinks: the founders know a lot of bartenders, so we have a bit of back-catalogue of people and brands that we can show off. It's just a scheduling process, giving our members: * Variety (not whiskey two months in a row) * Quality (no crappy vodka, we want to show off really good ingredients) * Fun seasonal stuff, like at Easter when we teamed up with a chocolatier.
Great idea Alex, and nice to see another UK-based product hunter! I'm going to order one in a few weeks time for a friend's birthday.
Thanks James! We can do various special things for gifts, so get in touch when you do order.