Simple legal document creation

#3 Product of the DayDecember 22, 2013
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This looks slick and the only mobile-first tool of its kind I've seen. Otherwise, how does it compare to LegalZoom?
@rrhoover Ditto. The way Shake walks you through the steps has been the coolest difference I've seen. You select something like Selling > I'm the seller > On behalf of my company > etc. and then has you input details right there ending with a finger sign. If you're buying/selling something on craigslist or whatever its a great tool to use on the go
This is amazing. The whole concept of quickly drawing up legally binding agreements on mobile is huge.
@KristoferTM I was talking to my CTO yesterday how something like this needs to exist! Hell ya definitely putting this to use this week.
Love Shake. The founder was my co-captain at Stanford, so I shot him an email to see if he'd drop in.