Shake Pro

Create, sign, & send legal agreements on the web or phone

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This is much needed. Congrats on your launch!
@allisonveronica thanks, we appreciate the support!
I can’t tell you how much I’ve used Shake! Congrats on the web app! Keep up the awesome!
@loganknowitall we're very excited - thanks for all the support!
Shake just launched their web app and Premium product. Abe (founder) should jump in here and answer questions about where innovation in legal is at right now! They're offering 25% off for Product Hunters:)
@dshan Just in case you go direct to the site and skip the landing page, the coupon code for Shake Pro is PRODUCTHUNT (all caps)
I was looking for an e-signature/document provider for a few months and came across Shake this week. I signed up as soon as I had a chance to work through the template process. Beautiful and functional, and we're thrilled with the service so far, @ageiger!
Love them!!! And their team is extremely helpful!!
@laurenholliday_ love to hear it, thanks!