Shady for Mac

Pull a virtual shade over your screen, rest your eyes

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Dan Gray
Dan Gray@dan_e_gray · Minimum Viable Person
"A poor man's f.lux" is a good way to describe Shady. A hotkeyable screen brightness preset might be useful to some, but I prefer the greater capability of f.lux if you want to manage screen glare.
Troy Osinoff
Troy Osinoff@yo · Angel Investor
@dan_e_gray ill stick to f.lux
Thelle Christensen
Thelle Christensen@thellek · co-founder
@dan_e_gray one way to put it, but they actually work beautifully together for a much lower brightness!
Lachlan Campbell
Lachlan Campbell@lachlanjc · Hack Club design/JS—HS 🎓—they/them—🌈
I use this frequently — it's a terrible app that's pretty useful. It doesn't support Retina screens very well, doesn't work on secondary displays/full screen apps, and hides every time you open something like Mission Control, flashing the bright screen into your eyes. It can be useful though.
Isa Ranjha
Isa Ranjha@deleted-106429
I feel like I've seen this done a few times before. Anything that particularly sets you apart from the others?