ShadowBid - iOS App

A simple iOS app to automate saving money on Amazon

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Wesley James
@goforwes · Co-founder, ShadowBid
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @josevieitez for hunting us! We started ShadowBid to improve online shopping and to bring new tools to the experience that will help people save time and money. There are a handful of tools out there that we love, and we have incorporated some of their features, like historical price charts. But we envisioned bringing fina… See more
Jose Vieitez
@josevieitez · Designer, Investor, Director @ Boomtown
I've been using Shadowbid for over a month on my browser, and they just released their iOS app. I pretty much just upload items in my wishlist/ saved for later, and place a bid so if the price ever drops below a certain threshold, Shadowbid automatically buys it for me.
Dante Siracusa
Does it work for books? I'm interested in some SAT prep books
Scott Bowler
@scottbowler · DCS Worldwide
Is it US only?
Bubba Fish
@fishstix312 · Founder of Showgo, social tv platform
Love ShadowBid! I always use this for any big online purchase. Congrats on launching!