ShadowBid - iOS App

A simple iOS app to automate saving money on Amazon

ShadowBid is the best way to save money on Amazon! Prices change up to 80 million times every day (shocking!), and we help you take advantage of all that volatility through automated purchasing when the price drops to the level you set. Find your product, view the price history chart, and set your price. We'll take care of the rest for you!

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Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @josevieitez for hunting us! We started ShadowBid to improve online shopping and to bring new tools to the experience that will help people save time and money. There are a handful of tools out there that we love, and we have incorporated some of their features, like historical price charts. But we envisioned bringing financial trading tools to eCommerce shopping, and we couldn’t find anyone that would let people place a blind bid which would automatically purchase when the price dropped. We launched our Chrome extension late last year and are stoked to announce that the iOS app is now live! Here are the highlights: - Search for any product that is sold on Amazon. - You will see the historical price chart along with a high and low price for the time period. - When you’re ready to place a bid, just type in the amount and choose a duration. - Bids can also be left open GTC (good-til-cancelled). - ShadowBid will track the price on Amazon, and automatically purchase when the price drops! We look forward to hearing what everyone thinks, and to saving you some money! Thanks ProductHunters!
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I've been using Shadowbid for over a month on my browser, and they just released their iOS app. I pretty much just upload items in my wishlist/ saved for later, and place a bid so if the price ever drops below a certain threshold, Shadowbid automatically buys it for me.
Does it work for books? I'm interested in some SAT prep books
@dante_siracusa Very funny! Unfortunately Dante lost a bet and must take the SAT exam this summer.
Is it US only?
@scottbowler Right now it is only in the US but we have plans in the works for expanding internationally.
@goforwes I'd love to see this for the UK Amazon - looks a fantastic tool
@scottbowler Thanks! We'll get there soon.
@goforwes Do you have a newsletter (or similar) I can sign up to so I can get notified when it's ready?
@scottbowler You can contact us on our site or just shoot an email to and we'll keep you up to date. Thanks!
Love ShadowBid! I always use this for any big online purchase. Congrats on launching!