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ShadowBid is the best way to save money on Amazon! Prices change up to 80 million times every day (shocking!), and we help you take advantage of all that volatility through automated purchasing when the price drops to the level you set. Find your product, view the price history chart, and set your price. We'll take care of the rest for you!

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Wesley James
Wesley JamesMaker@goforwes · Co-founder, ShadowBid
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @foolywk for hunting us! We started ShadowBid to improve online shopping and to bring new tools to the experience that will help people save time and money. There are a handful of tools out there that we love, and we have incorporated some of their features, like historical price charts. But we envisioned bringing financial trading tools to eCommerce shopping, and we couldn’t find anyone that would let people place a blind bid which would automatically purchase when the price dropped. So, after months of testing, we are proud to announce that ShadowBid is finally live! We are launching our first platform, a Google Chrome extension, that allows anyone to place bids for products on Amazon. We have an iOS app that will follow shortly, with Android and web based products to come in the near future as well. Here are the highlights: - Shop the Amazon website as you normally would. - When you find the right product, simply engage the extension. - You will see the historical price chart along with a high and low price for the time period. - When you’re ready to place a bid, just type in the amount and choose a duration. - Bids can also be left open GTC (good-til-cancelled). - ShadowBid will track the price on Amazon, and automatically purchase when the price drops! We are now opening up the iOS app beta testing for the Product Hunt community. Please send an email to and mention Product Hunt to get your invite! We look forward to hearing what everyone thinks, and to saving you some money! *EDIT* We are getting a lot of interest in the Slack channel so we set up a page to join instantly. If you would like to participate, please follow this link: Unfortunately ShadowBid only works with US based Amazon users at the moment. *EDIT* We're getting ready to launch the iOS app very soon. Looking forward to all your support when that goes live. *EDIT* The ShadowBid iOS app is now live and can be found on our site and has been hunted on Product Hunt as well! Thanks ProductHunters!
Ben Swinford
Ben Swinford@swinnythepooh
@goforwes @foolywk That sounds like gold
Wesley James
Wesley JamesMaker@goforwes · Co-founder, ShadowBid
@swinnythepooh Thanks Ben!
Manny Orduña
Manny Orduña@manny_orduna
@goforwes @foolywk ShadowBid iOS, looks great, would love to give it a go
Ziad Wakim
Ziad Wakim@motdiem · Founder and CEO
@goforwes This looks great - any thoughts on supporting non US amazon stores ?
Andrew Brodsky
Andrew Brodsky@andrewjb44 · Digital Product Guru
@goforwes iOS, Slack Me
Paul Morgan
Paul Morgan@paulhansen · Co-Founder, Remugio
This is an amazing Chrome extension. I downloaded it and I'm looking at a pair of winter boots that Amazon wants $225 for, and I'm not willing to pay that much. I might pay $125. But as it turns out, they dropped to $49 for a few days last month!! If I'd placed a bid before then, I'd have gotten the boots for like 80% off, just in time for winter. Lesson learned -- I'm going to be using this a lot in the future.
Wesley James
Wesley JamesMaker@goforwes · Co-founder, ShadowBid
@paulhansen Thanks Paul! Glad to know it helped you make a good decision already.
Balaji R
Balaji R@_theimmortal_ · Lead Android Engineer, Disney Labs
No more 🐪³ for me. This looks really good. Would love to get into the iOS beta (ShadowBid iOS).
Wesley James
Wesley JamesMaker@goforwes · Co-founder, ShadowBid
@_theimmortal_ Thanks Balaji! I just sent you a tweet to get details for the invite.
Samuel Ishmael Philip
Samuel Ishmael Philip@samuel_ishmael_philip
Been using it for a while in beta - saved a few hundred dollars on a keyboard (piano), cables, glasses, and few other random items. Recommend to all my friends!
Wesley James
Wesley JamesMaker@goforwes · Co-founder, ShadowBid
@samuel_ishmael_philip Thanks Ish! We really appreciate all of the help from our beta testers, especially when you were able to save some money along the way.
Paul Orlando
Paul Orlando@porlando · Founder
Nice work, guys! Just got the Chrome extension.
Wesley James
Wesley JamesMaker@goforwes · Co-founder, ShadowBid
@porlando Thanks Paul! Hope you like it.