Shadow Quest RPG

Change your approach towards positioning in mobile RPGs

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This has got to be the most imaginative #rpg game I've seen in years. Congrats, @EugenCaraion @magicindie
@osakasaul @eugencaraion We're doing our best. Still a long way to go!
@magicindie From the visuals, the narrative... the Magicindie team is actually competing with mainstream game studios that have millions behind a single game. You guys are the Cinderella Story of indiegame dev.
@osakasaul A Cinderella with a long way to go :).
A very catching #rpg game. Time flies so fast when playing it. ;)
@galynitics Thank you Galyna. There's also more to come!
Good idea for RPG Game for Android. When for IOS? :D
@thegarious Thank you Garry. We're planning to do a release for the IOS in the first week of July. We'll keep you informed. :)
@magicindie Oh thanks i wait then :D.