Transform any device into a supercharged gaming machine.

Shadow is an high-end, always up-to-date PC in the cloud that streams in 4k without control latency to any of your devices. For $35 / month, you'll be never have to worry about having your own gaming machine at home.

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38 Reviews4.4/5
It's a french startup, very promising. I don't have time to play anymore, but one of my friends has been in their beta program and been using it for more than 6 months now : the result is properly amazing 🎉(At least on the French network. I don't know about the recent US launch perfs.) He was playing Overwatch (a high end very dynamic multiplayer fps) at full graphics without any latency. Thanks to their streaming device, the Shadow Box and a mouse + keyboard. Very surprised not to find it on Product Hunt 😲I hunted it because today Product Hunt talked about the last Windows future cloud gaming streaming platform announcement... and it felt a bit low compared to what I've seen Shadow doing RIGHT NOW... Good luck to the Shadow team, this is clearly the future of computers, and not only for gamers !
Hello everyone! We are so grateful for the recommendation and glad that we have been Hunted! We will be here in the comments and discussion section answering any questions you may have.
using it as my everyday/everything computer since 6+months, it's a delight. "Arrives at friend's house, install shadow app on a small/old computer, plug ps4 controller, play with friends with extreme+ graphics and 60 fps. "
Using it in a unsupported area (Sweden) and have 35+/-ms, it's super stable and works very well, one of the best cloud PCs out there as we speak! Would recommend it if you are looking for a good gaming experience or just having a very good editing/working machine! (Comes with Windows 10 Home, needs to setup as a normal PC) Shadow is my seconds gaming rig, and I've had this the longest too 😉
I was one of the march backers and I used it for 6 months. I had to cancel my subscription because I couldn't find time to play, but the results were astonishing. It worked perfectly with no latency perceivable. My ISP setup is 200Mbps/50Mbps FTTH