SHADOW (alpha)

Dream-based social network

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Their landing page doesn't do a great job of explaining what this is: * Dream journal - setting the intention to dream before you go to sleep, and keeping a dream journal, are both supposed to help remember your dreams more often and in more detail. * Discover - read others' dreams as well (importantly, they're usually succinct) * Sleep tracker - Self-explanatory * "Ease-in" Alarm clock. Starts soft to wake you up gently. Gets louder as needed. * Dark UI is easy on the eyes since the lights will be off in most use cases. h/t @rrhoover
@staringispolite | this landing page will give you a bit more context | WWW.DISCOVERSHADOW.COM
The concept of a social network around dreams is compelling. Outside of private conversations with friends, we rarely, if ever, share these crazy/scandalous/funny/unusual stories. I'm playing with it now.
@rrhoover The danger is that our own dreams are often much more compelling to ourselves than to others. I like that they use visuals and short description length to keep them more engaging (not sure if capped or an artifact of mobile text entry) Reminds me of Secret, except on Secret, people pretend their dreams actually happened ;)
@rrhoover | We call ourselves a social utility, the utility being the Alarm Clock while the dreams drive the social. You call also think about us like a mirror, we want to help surface the dream data and show you the patterns in your sub conscious mind. Let's say last night you dreamt about a RocketShip, we want to tell you this is the 4 time you dream about a RocketShip and here are 158 other people who also dream about a RocketShip last night.
@hunterleesoik Thanks for coming on to discuss! Can't wait for more sleep tracker features you said are coming soon (using the data I give the app when I "slide to sleep" and "slide to wake"? other signals?) Hope this is helpful: the alarm function doesn't work for me at the moment. I tried it last night with the default iOS alarm as a backup 10 minutes later. The iOS alarm woke me up. Shadow was just popping up notifications, but making no sound. Also, the alarm page also crashed 3 times for me, and the sample alarm sound (when choosing which one you want to play in settings) didn't stop until I closed the app :) Happy to provide more info off-thread.
@hunterleesoik By the way, I really like how, when setting the alarm, it tells me how much sleep that means I'll get. Nice touch!
@staringispolite | thanks we are adding sleep tracking in the next 2 weeks.
this is sooooo cool. i'd love to read more about dreams.... imagine a "secret" for dreams :)
@eriktorenberg Haha, typed my comment at the same time you did. Great minds!
@staringispolite @eriktorenberg note that they ask for your full name, not a pseudonym (although you could use one) or full anonymity. I'm sure the team thought very carefully about this decision to encourage people to use their identity. I'd like to hear more about their reasoning.
@rrhoover Agreed, and I think that's an important decision I'd like to hear more about as well. I can't speak for Erik, but I was just imagining an anonymous version.
@staringispolite @rrhoover i was imagining anonymous too (tho i did share a dream journal with a couple people) let me try to rope in the founders :)
@rrhoover | we need your name to add you to the provisional profile, it's not our goal to map individuals dreams. Our goal is to create a tool or mirror for the user to understand themselves through dream patterns.
I wrote one of the first articles on Hunter + Shadow ( Saw an early early version last year- it is awesome. Beautifully designed.
@ajt hey Alex you are the man! Congratulations on social rank, we will have to partner on DreamRank.
@hunterleesoik you know where to find me :)
Truly beautiful app. Do you know if it tracks your sleep pattern as well?
@AreUEnt Will report back on this, but it does have a whole page devoted to telling it when you're going to sleep. Can't imagine them ignoring such an obvious feature, but it's possible they haven't gotten to it yet
@AreUEnt | We are working to implement this before launch, we have an interesting idea to create a smarter smart alarm, I can tell you most in a couple weeks.
@hunterleesoik I tried the alarm feature last night and it miserably failed on me. I think i set it up for 8:10 and I woke up at 9:40. BUT! I recorded a great dream (under a13y)! It was a very gratifying experience! Thank you. Also, would be nice to edit the typos after publishing. Awesome product guys!
@AreUEnt | thank you and my apologies about the alarm, we are working on improvements this coming week + Edit and Delete dreams.