No more sunglasses reflections in your selfies.

A camera app that blacks out the screen when you take a selfie - preventing screen reflections from your sunglasses or glasses.

Once you've taken your selfie, simply save it to your photo library, done.

Shades supports the phone's camera's flash functionality. If you activate the flash, the phone screen will show as white in the final image.

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Ben Howdle
Software Engineering consultant
Hey, just for further insight into building this. I wanted to hone my React Native skills* and also to use Expo for the first time, so I scoured the internet for an isolated and manageable app idea that I could complete fairly quickly. Came across: and went for it! If you're interested in the code, then check out the full source here: *I'd previously only really prototyped with React Native on a project for Cisco I was building, but I wanted to take a RN project from nothing to launch, to get a feel for it, end to end.
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