STI testing, treatment & contraception at home

SH:24 is a digital sexual and reproductive health service in the UK. It provides free STI testing, treatment, contraception and advice, 24 hours a day.

SH:24 is user centred in design and has won multiple awards. In 2016 it won 3 UK UX awards (including best overall user experience) and in 2017, won BMJ Award for Innovation Team of the Year.

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The US needs to import this, STAT.
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@kkdub glad you like it :)
@leannefordy @kkdub this is a wonderful initiative!
@kkdub 110% agree. Especially in the current political climate with so many threats to Planned Parenthood.
I am so impressed with this. Should be implemented worldwide TBH. And that beautiful design! The devil's in the details, but anything that makes it clear, simple and aesthetically lovely will definitely help in improving sex health in the UK. Love it.
Mind sharing a bit on funding? How can you do this for free? Any chance of bringing this to the US? This is really amazing.
@macconnollyco by the looks of things it is funded by one main charity, and in partnership with the NHS and local councils. If you check their about us page I think most of it is on there
Hi Mac, we initially received seed funding from Guy's and St Thomas' Charity in the UK for the development of the service. We are now commissioned by local authorities to deliver in certain regions of the UK as part of free healthcare in the UK, working in partnership with NHS trusts. We will soon be able to offer chlamydia treatment by post if someone tests positive for that and oral contraception online as well. It would be fantastic to be able to bring the service to the US, it would be a matter of finding the right model to fund it as well as ensuring what we do meets US healthcare regulations. At the moment we're focused on growing the service in the UK however we may expand outside in the future.
Saw this in the design museum in London for Beazley's designs of the year, amazing work! https://beazleydesignsoftheyear....
Thanks to everyone who upvoted this - just a quick note to say we're now offering oral contraception, delivered to your door via our website. In addition, people who test positively for chlamydia through our service can now have the treatment sent to them at home subject to a short sms screening questionnaire. More on contraception and how we developed it: