Make calls with your fingertip

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Hi I'm director of marketing at Innomdle, the developer of Sgnl. Sgnl is the smart watch strap that enables you to make calls by placing your fingertip on your ear. We are now on Kickstarter for about 22 hours we're already hit 242% mark of initial funding goal of $50k.
@hahn_ryu Nice work! You have a great product. One question that i always ask myself when i see kickstarter campaigns that fund early - why can't you move up on your time table and start the next step asap. I know that the money don't exchange hands until the end of the campaign, but this are money that you can vow for, so it cat be possible to start producing sooner to make your backers happy and, giving the fact that you'll deliver earlier, engage more people to back your product. Not a backer. Yet.
@cosminbaluta Usually average tech KS campaign promises to deliver the product within 3 months of its completion. But only 4% of all project end up delivering without delay. We don't want to disappoint our backers so we set the shipment in February next year and try to deliver as early as possible, even before they expect to get the product on their hands. It's basically promise-less-deliver-more sort of strategy. :)
I had the pleasure of meeting @hahn_ryu and trying this out a few months ago at one our Product Hunt + Planet of the Apps meetups in LA. It's surprising it works, but the audio quality isn't quite clear or loud enough, imho. But the tech is promising and could be a great addition to smartwatches like the Apple Watch.
@rrhoover It was short but was great meeting you back then. Please consider that we were in front of the big amp right in front of the amp and the sound clip was not in English. Anyway one that I brought back then was 3rd generation prototype but one that's up on KS now is 5th generation. So there's lots of progress. Check this out:
So if someone wants to use my phone I'll put my finger in their ear.
Exactly. You can have conference call, too. thumb in your own ear, and index finger in your friend's ear. :)
Sgnl’s key technology lies in its patented Body Conduction Unit (BCU), which is capable of transmitting vibrations through the body, which then can be converted to sound. Sgnl communicates with the user’s phone through Bluetooth, and when a voice signal is received, Sgnl will generate vibrations through its BCU. These vibrations will be sent through the users’ hand to their fingertip. When users place their fingertip to their ear, the vibration echoes to create amplified sound within the closed space of their ear and they can speak through the microphone embedded in the Sgnl strap. You can: Leave your phone alone, don’t carry extra devices With SNGL, answering calls is direct and immediate. There is no need to rummage through bags when the phone rings or carry around extra headsets or earphones. Users can simply raise their finger to their ear to answer calls. Hear voice clearly, even in loud places Even in the noisiest of surroundings, users can hear their calls clearly. With Sgnl, their finger doesn’t just transmit the voice to their ear, it also blocks out background noise. Don’t have to worry about others listening in With Sgnl, users can take calls discretely. As sound is contained within the users’ ear, only the wearer of Sgnl can hear the call. Whether in a meeting room or in a packed elevator, users never need to worry about being overheard. Sgnl is particularly useful for smartwatch wearers as it can prevent others from listening into conversations over their speaker phones. Watch Compatibility Sgnl is a wearable smart strap and watch companion. With is specially designed lug adapter, Sgnl is designed to fit all 18-24mm standard watch lugs. This allows for nearly comprehensive watch compatibility, whether classic or smart, inclduing Samsung Gear, Apple Watch or Pebble Time. For Classic Watch - Sgnl can transform the user’s classic watch into a hybrid smart watch, providing it with Fingertip Communication, Fitness tracker, and Smart Alert features. For Smart Watch - Sgnl solves in the inconveniences of the smart watch. Users can have complete call privacy through fingertip communication, instead of having to speak through the speaker phone. For Non-watch Wearers - Sgnl can be worn as a stylish, stand-alone smart band with its lug-connector accessory, while retaining all core functionality. The Sgnl App The Sgnl strap pairs seamlessly with the Sgnl app to make the users’ day healthier, more manageable, and organized. Call Reminder - Keep in touch with those who matters Monitor call frequency to significant others and receive discreet nudges to call them. Activity Tracking - Stay fit, stay healthy Synced with the app, Sgnl monitors users’ health and tracks their daily activity. Users can get detailed information about their workout patterns and track their steps with the built-in pedometer. Smart Alert - Never miss any important alerts Users can keep their life on track and never miss an important alert. Sgnl will gently vibrate to alert them of any calls, texts, or app notifications utilizing different patterns.
@hahn_ryu this seems great, especially for folks who continue to wear mechanical/traditional watches. I noticed in the video that the Sgnl app displays fitness data that the watch band is collecting -- Will the app send health data to iOS' HealthKit?
@dwightchurchill Yes, of course. Because there's so many classic watch wearers who want to have some smart functions while not changing their watch dials. The whole point is give them a chance to upgrade their classic watch into a hybrid one by simply replacing their existing watchstrap. They'll get notifications and activity tracking features synced up rightly with iOS HealthKit and Google Fit. If you're already wearing a smart watch, you can simply turn these function off so that you can get notifications and health tracking from your smart watch.
This is really interesting idea.