Connecting brands with clothing manufacturers

An online platform where any idea can be turned in to a garment.

The place where people without experience or connections in the industry can effortlessly build & bring their dream design to life.

An online environment with tools for a better experience.

Everything is guided, relevant and simple.

Removing complexity.

Improving communication.

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Love the concept; site doesn't seem to load for me. What's best way to get in touch w/ founders?
@jjeremycai email me ( or here. Are you on VPN ?
@sewport @boris_hodakel hey boris - VPN seems to be only way to access site in China.
@jjeremycai Im happy to see my team resolve this, you are accessing the site from china? Who is the provider? Or is this a VPN connection?
@jjeremycai turn off adBlock :)
Fantastic idea @boris_hokadel! A friend of mine was looking for manufacturers a while back and was frustrated with the lack of a good search engine for them. Do manufacturers create an account for themselves or do you pick them to feature on Sewport?
@lamaalrajih thank you for your positive feed-back. Manufacturers (Service providers) create own profile with rich data and criteria so they get matched and found in a very targeted way. More so, I think the profile on Sewport for some of these manufacturers even is more informative and better laid out to Brands than their own websites ;)
Great job!!😊

I like that user-reviews are being taken in consideration for future updates constantly.


Nice and easy-to-use tool for creating your clothing product.



What a great idea!