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Hi Hunters! Thanks Niv for the introduction! We love our Smartphone but like you we thought that there had to be a better way to experience our home. Simon here, co-founder and CEO at Sevenhugs. We’re excited to share Smart Remote with you, get your feedback and answer questions. Smart Remote is a revolutionary product that lets you instantly control any device—TVs, media players, speakers, lights, thermostats and more. Just point at what you want to control and Smart Remote’s screen automatically adapts—like magic. After more than two years of hard working, we launched Smart Remote on Kickstarter last Thursday and our community is taking off—over 3,500 backers and counting! We’ve received great questions, suggestions and feedback so far and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say. So, how do you want to use Smart Remote? - Simon
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@simontchedikian congrats on the Kickstarter success and good luck with the product. But why would anyone want another device when they can use their phone OR (with most devices these days) their voice to control them.
@saijo_george Hi Saijo, great comment, we get it often. Ecosystem fragmentation and App overload is one main reason. Every single device comes with its own mobile app or remote. Cumbersome and frustrating to switch between them. With your phone, you have to unlock the phone, find the app, launch it, wait for it to load, select the device you want to control and control it... it gets worse if your wife or kids need to go through the same experience. Voice is cool and we love it, but still many limitations (limited AI even with Google, noise sensitive, keyword dependent, language/accents, latency...). Smart Remote is shareable in the home, instant, intuitive and simple enough to be used by anyone, it displays the right interface just by pointing at the device you want to control. No need to search for the right App and log in, or guess the right keyword for voice. Voice is still very cool and complementary to Smart Remote in the home.
@simontchedikian thanks for the replay and good luck with it.
I need this in my life! The Smart Remote team blew past their $50k goal on Kickstarter (now at $512,545). One remote that controls everything in the home would be wonderful... First world problems... but always frustrating when I need to take out my phone, go to an app, press the button just to turn on the light in my room 🙈
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@nivo0o0 try widgets on your phone. Swipe left, press button.
@nivo0o0 I added switches for my Hue lights. Wait a second...
@averyhaskell Hi Avery, we all love our Smartphones and they can do everything (almost), and this is often a feedback we get, but we are convinced Smartphones are not the only solution for everything in our life. If you look at the TV market, all TVs that have been sold in the past 10 years are Smart TV, and all major brands offer a dedicated App to let you control your TV, despite that I don't know anyone that is using his Smartphone to control his TV. Of course it is possible but majority of people don't find it convenient enough, they are still using the old style remote which is always on the coffee table, always charged, always ready to be used by anyone in the home. The more devices you have in your home and the more confusing it becomes, you need one App for each, you need all household Smartphones to have all same Apps, all logged in, all maintained, and what about when you have children etc... Anyway, we still love our Smartphones. Smart Remote comes with an App that let's you configure Smart Remote and add all your devices and services.
@nivo0o0 "OK Google" switch on my lights
@saijo_george Hi Saijo, voice control is cool, I am personally convinced it will be part of our life at home but right now it has limitations (limited AI even with Google, noise sensitive, keyword dependent, language/accents, latency...). There is a lot of excitement around voice but a lot of people find voice not convenient for simple day to day tasks. We are convinced that interacting with your home will be a mix of voice, smartphone and other very intuitive and simple Ux like Smart Remote. We still love voice control so stay tuned :-)
Really cool! Can't wait all the apps developers will be able to build using the smart remote to control all our devices! Keep up the good work ;)
@nico_lrx Hi Nicolas, thank you for your support and kind words!
Oh nice, I need this!
@syswarren Thanks Julie! We put a lot of work (a lot :-) into making our idea a reality. Happy to see you love it.
The smart world is getting SMARTER :P
@kaushikankita12 Hi Anita ... :-) Thanks. I you have any question/suggestion, just drop a line here.