Neal Stephenson's latest novel about the end of the world

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Ross Rojek
Ross RojekHunter@sacbookreviewer · CTO,,
Really good end of the world novel from one of my favorite writers. Its an Ark novel (the Earth is going to suffer a catastrophic event and they have to get as many people off world as they can to try and survive 5000 years until its over). Those interested - I interviewed Neal about the book - http://sacramentobookreview.podb...
Matthew Sot
Matthew Sot@matthew_sot · Co-Founder, Action
Great read, amazing author! Felt like the ending was rather rushed though - could've read through at least another hundred pages of the 3rd part :) [3rd part spoiler alert!] Especially loved how Stephenson created a whole new society with different, yet still relateable social customs/norms/prejudices, really drew me in to the story (although a few of the "racial history" scenes did get kind of long, but the action near the end definitely made up for that :P)