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Sety reports and broadcasts your incidents to your circle and the people around you.
It also alerts you when heading into a danger zone
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1 Review5.0/5 I had an epiphany around June this year after 2 girls were sexually abused concurrently within the span of 2 days. It was atrocious and everyone was disgusted as it began a trend "#StopDomesticViolent" on twitter for a while. This has been the cycle. The initial thought of Sety was building an AI that'd help girls, however after discussing with a lot of people, I decided to make it really inclusive as we have a lot of insecurities or dangers that occur daily irrespective of the genders. I personally experience harassment by the police a lot of times, and it sucks. And who do you call when the police are harassing you, the police 🤷🏾‍♂️? Lol So I officially started building Sety last week of July. It has been an exciting experience, getting amazing feedbacks and solving a problem I've experienced and that I'm really passionate about. I'm running the company full time and my 2 products have my full attention Sety takes your incidents reporting to the next level. It affords you the ability to report and broadcast any dangers to anyone around you. Sety also allows you to maintain a circle of emergency contacts of friends and family to receive alerts when you report an incident. The alerts will come as a push notification or a personalized SMS. With Sety, your incidents are also shared with the relevant responders. Details of your incidents, how to help, as well as your location, is shared in order to ensure the required support gets to you fast. Sety was built to solve the problem of insecurity in the world and has one goal, which is to keep you safe. So as long as your incident is still active, Sety will keep broadcasting to new users within your specified mile radius of coverage and interactively keeps you updated. It's a game-changer and I'm so proud that a product like this finally exists. Sety can; Broadcast Emergencies to your circle and people around you Send your incidents to relevant rapid response unit for support Alerts and keeps you updated when you are approaching a danger zone Frequently update you on daily security and safety tips. Sety promote a community where everyone can look out for each other in time of need, in order to ensure we keep each other safe.
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