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Setup is a data science company offering APIs and flat files for people intelligence.

We build the best data products to connect, engage, and understand people. Leverage our database of 1.2 billion individuals to scale faster and more efficiently than ever before.

For developers, by developers.


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    Daniel LiFullstack JavaScript Developer

    Spam (see


    Probably Illegal

    Basically scraping off data and selling them. Dubious practice at best, illegal at worst. Stay away.

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    Asya LazarevaDirector of OREH Business Incubator




    Great product guys, keep on rolling!

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Siddharth Jaiswal@sdrth_ · Launch and Growth Marketing for Startups
Datawhale is starting a very dangerous trend on PH, build multiple landing pages (clones) to get free traffic. Another hack I've recently noticed is to launch your additional features disguised as new products. SMH
Siddharth Jaiswal@sdrth_ · Launch and Growth Marketing for Startups
Jacqueline von TesmarHiring@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @evan_staller, How does your product differ from other similar ones out there?
Evan StallerHunter@deleted-987106 · I use data to help grow your business.
@jacqvon We are different than other services/data products because we exclusively root our efforts in building people data, not company data or other types of data. As a result, we are able to offer more depth and accuracy in the person data realm. Our data is used for hundreds, if not thousands of use cases ranging from fraud detection to digital marketing. Feel free to request a demo on our site if you would like to learn more. Thanks.
Joe Brown@cuhpajo · Co-Founder @
@jacqvon @evan_staller Hey Evan - is there a difference between Setup and the other clones you've made of Datawhale? They seem to have the exact same landing page, copy, etc.
Mike@mike_seekwell ·
@jacqvon @evan_staller @cuhpajo Wow, he has like 9 of them submitted to PH with the same tag line.
Joe Brown@cuhpajo · Co-Founder @
@mike_seekwell yeah that's just an egregious use of PH @evan_staller. @rrhoover should someone do something about this?
Marc Alexander@x_cryptos · Cryptos, websites and apps
So this website sells peoples information?
Daniel Li@d4nyll · Fullstack JavaScript Developer
This cannot be legal. You're basically scraping data off other websites like LinkedIn and putting them into a database and selling them. With GDPR (, you must inform everyone who is in your database that you have their data, and provide an explanation of how you obtained their data. I am guessing you are not doing that.
Evan StallerHunter@deleted-987106 · I use data to help grow your business.
@d4nyll Hi Daniel, thank you for your concern and for reaching out. Just to clear up any confusion, our data is consensually provided to us via our fully transparent, opt-in data union. Everything we do is 100% LEGAL and is NOT spam. I see you haven't had a chance to try our product, so feel free to request a demo or API key if you would like to do so. I hope this helps and that I cleared up any inaccuracies.