Intuitive OS for Decentralized Finance on Ethereum

Settle is the operating system for decentralized finance on Ethereum. Settle lets traders jump in and start using the tools of the new financial paradigm while incentivizing community development in ways not available now. 50% of subscriptions are shared with the ecosystem. Chat with Web3 integrations. Free Portfolio Tracking.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Roni and I are co-founders of Settle, and also of Concourse, an open community of builders, creatives, researchers and enthusiasts working together to create a better future. Settle is an extension of that inclusive culture. Our goal is for Settle to serve and foster growth of the decentralized finance community—traders, developers, and community builders. Traders have to process complex info coming from all directions, but historically, they’ve had to work on terminals with steep learning curves and no incentive to innovate. Settle starts fresh with an intuitive, customizable interface and tools that’ll keep evolving as the community does. Developers are often deterred from building on DeFi protocols because of practical issues like onboarding customers, DevOps, and monetization. Settle takes care of all that so devs can focus on creating. Trading is social like any other human activity. But there’s only so much you can do with the legacy apps used by trading groups today. Chat Hubs on Settle provide a richer experience by integrating Web3 plugins. And because Chat Hub Owners also get a piece of Settle’s subscription share, Chat Hub functionality should evolve along with Settle apps. Settle is our expression of how we think financial markets should work. We want to make it super easy for people to build and use the tools of decentralized finance and improve upon the old systems that came before us. We’d love to hear what you think of Settle and any suggestions or criticisms you have!
One of the most exciting and well packed DeFi protocols on the markets right now. Hope to see more apps implementing this protocol!
Definitely one of the more interesting #DeFi projects out there. Congrats on the launch! Very excited to try this out soon!
@wslyvh thank you for the kind words!