Beautiful, simple, modern school websites.

Setsquare is an online website editor built just for schools. Using ‘modules’ it helps editors build and edit beautiful, feature-rich pages, quickly and easily.
Setsquare uses the best of modern, open source tech to provide real value to schools on a budget.
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Dan Bramall
We make friendly school websites
Well, I'm blown away by the attention so far! Thanks to everyone for voting, it's really appreciated :) A little bit about our back-story... For years we've been making content management systems for some very large international brands. We've got a tonne of experience in delivering simple, powerful editor experiences and slick, corporate front-ends for companies with big budgets. When my own kids started school here in the UK I was disappointed by the general standard of school websites. It's 2019 and they should be better, so I decided to do something about it! Using our experience and the value of modern and open-source tech we strive to provide corporate-level websites and editing experiences to schools on a budget they can afford. I realise ProductHunt might not be *the* best match for showcasing a product like this, as most of the featured tools tend to be dev-focused, but I wanted to put it out there firstly to get feedback but also in the hope that people see what we're doing and might share it with others more closely involved in the education sector. Thanks again folks :)
Edison EspinosaFounder @ Foxie, & EJ
this is great, school websites are so bad and outdated lol
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