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@thisissethsblog Hey Seth :) If you were creating a university from scratch - what are 3 things you would do differently than the traditional universities we have today? -shaan
@shaanvp Why don't we build all universities from scratch? They're expensive enough and time-consuming enough and important enough that we deserve it. The legacy stuff that's just too hard to change ought to be changed, right? Here's my take on what needs to happen:
@thisissethsblog So when I do this (start building new universities from scratch), can I count on you as a guest mentor?
@shaanvp oh man, this question reminds me of one the posts that made me fall in love with Seth...the NoBS program...think I read the original version in FastCompany:
PS if you're here, you're awesome. Thanks for checking in. For Product Hunt mavens, if you go to before the end of July, save $10 with code JulyPH (go spend it on buttered coffee or something).
@thisissethsblog just ordered...! Whoever also buys it lmk so we can chat about it together
@thisissethsblog spend it on buttered coffee made my day
@jeffumbro Hi Jeff. In terms of the state of publishing, I can't do it in a few minutes, but consider this: which is worth a read if you care about this sort of thing. Also, was posted 8 (!!!!) years ago and I was pretty right then, and I think it's relevant. In terms of a daily blog, I think if you write every day, you start to think differently. You notice things. You share them. It's worth it.
@thisissethsblog Thanks! I've been reading this off and on since you launched it - I still remember Poke the Box. I'll have to check out the podcast.
@thisissethsblog it has been quite awhile, hope all is well. Question: what gives you more enjoyment: success from things other people enabled in you; or things you have enabled in others?
@micah This is priceless. Love this question. Without a doubt, teaching others. But, when you find something, when you're taught something, and it lasts for years and creates joy, how cool is that?
Hi Seth, Thanks for your time. Q. What are your top tips for developing a 'healthy' & productive daily writing habit?
@bentossell You only need one, Ben: wait for it... Write. Write daily. Doesn't have to be long, doesn't have to be good. If you write every day, it'll improve. Promise.