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Seth Godin
@thisissethsblog · Project guy
For those that are keeping score, two things: 1. There's a $10 code at http://www.yourturn.link through the end of the month... JulyPH feel free to use it. and 2., in the hour we started this, one order for the books has come in. That's a fascinating testimony to how averse we are to buying books these days, but at one level, I'm fine with it, since cutting… See more
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Shaan Puri
@shaanvp · ceo, Monkey Inferno
@thisissethsblog Hey Seth :) If you were creating a university from scratch - what are 3 things you would do differently than the traditional universities we have today? -shaan
Seth Godin
@thisissethsblog · Project guy
PS if you're here, you're awesome. Thanks for checking in. For Product Hunt mavens, if you go to http://www.yourturn.link before the end of July, save $10 with code JulyPH (go spend it on buttered coffee or something).
Seth Godin
@thisissethsblog · Project guy
@jeffumbro Hi Jeff. In terms of the state of publishing, I can't do it in a few minutes, but consider this: http://www.thedominoproject.com/ which is worth a read if you care about this sort of thing. Also, http://sethgodin.typepad.com/set... was posted 8 (!!!!) years ago and I was pretty right then, and I think it's relevant. In terms of a daily blog, I th… See more
Micah Baldwin
@micah · Old Founder. Grey hairs and everything.
@thisissethsblog it has been quite awhile, hope all is well. Question: what gives you more enjoyment: success from things other people enabled in you; or things you have enabled in others?
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Hi Seth, Thanks for your time. Q. What are your top tips for developing a 'healthy' & productive daily writing habit?