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Chase Jarvis
Artist + CEO/cofounder of CreativeLive
Hello PH! - loving the podcast section here... many thanks to @thisissethsblog for coming on the show. Show Notes: Seth Godin doesn’t believe in “impossible,” or in “secrets to success.” In fact, he doesn’t believe in a lot of the myths we are told from day to day. There is no such thing as the “right” answer, the “right amount of preparation.” Seth will talk about ways to dance with your fears, instead of trying to eliminate them. Earn attention - whether it’s amid a crowded marketplace or just a crowded room - by going with your gut and embracing your inner genius. You Will Learn: How to set your future self up for success [8:00] What to do with your fear [9:30] Why Seth refuses to give tips and tactics and instead teaches how to see [14:50] The hard truth about your talent and what you’re entitled to [24:20] A simple test to find out if your work matters [27:25] What it means to be remarkable [29:09] How Harley Davidson and Apple change people. [33:29] The definition of art and being an artist [35:28] How our public education system was born and why it’s now broken [41:54] The right questions parents should be asking their kids [47:00] A beautiful analogy between skate skiing and how to approach your work [50:25] Plus much more… Thanks for listening!