Set Your Freelance Rate

What The Hell Do You Charge As A Freelance Web Designer?

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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
Hey @kenwestgaard - keen to hear your thoughts on what compelled you to write this book? Were you just fed up of being in the same situation trying to decide and felt that others needed a more comprehensive resource?
Ken Westgaard
Email Marketing Specialist
Well @bentossell, you're right. You can look around on the web and you'll find various articles on this topic, but I felt that they were all lacking some important aspects. I mean, there's more to it that just calculating an hourly rate. There different ways to price yourself, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, per project, based on value, etc. But that's not all! It's easy to fall for the temptation to lower your rate when someone pushes back on your rates. Maybe you're desperate for whatever project that comes through your door to keep a healthy cash flow. Or maybe you just don't feel confident enough about what you're offering. So you'll end up undervaluing yourself. You'll start to think that you're not an expert in your field, etc. I know these things from my own personal experiences. ;) I also wanted to help out freelancers with one the first things they'll encounter, which is figuring out what to charge for whatever service they are offering. I do believe that this book applies to more than just web designers, but being one myself I use a lot of examples from my own industry. If anyone got questions, I'm happy to answer. And I'm offering everyone here a 50% discount using this code: prodhunt
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