Set in Block

Blockchain-based permanent message creator and reader

Make an everlasting promise, create a proof of fact, bypass censorship...

Enter a message and "set in stone" it on the blockchain.

Paste your transaction hash to read the message stored in the block.

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Tell us more about why you built this, and why people should use it @dziungles
Gie Katon
I build digital services
Hi @abadesi I was always fascinated by the phenomenon of "permanency" which is so rare, as almost nonexistent, because the universe is in constant flux. Metaphysics aside, Set in Block is a useful tool for a wide range of use cases. Someone can make a promise to oneself or a beloved one. In politics, a public statement can be made. It is possible to record the authorship of a new idea or design, and in some cases to bypass censorship in places where free speech is limited. I believe that permanent messages have even more use cases that people are yet to discover.
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Usama Khalid
Started recently
Nice product! we also created a blockchain proof of existence using IPFS and bitcoin blockchain. Have a look:
Pedro GarciaFounder,
I've thought about the need for making social media posts permanent. It will make people think twice before posting, just like in real life you think twice before speaking. The anonymity factor and the fact that people can just delete their posts makes people say things they normally wouldn't say.