Make a pledge. Create a habit.

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@bermster and dan ariely think a lot about habit-forming products. so does @nireyal and @rrhoover :)
Interesting app and congrats! Will be trying it out over the next few days. @jamiesunderland can you share any thoughts about how this app innovates in the habit space?
I just moved to Android! Would love to get android version!
@shahocean Hey! I think they're working on it. I've added Jamie as the maker. Sure he will be here soon.
Hey @shahocean I'm one of the makers for Sessions app. Our focus is on iOS at the moment but hope to develop for Android in the near future! Thanks for the upvote.
Thanks @eriktorenberg :) @bermster @nireyal @rrhoover we'd love your feedback based on your experience and thinking around habit-forming products.
Hey @tymartin thank you! Let us know what you think over the next few days. We think being simple, calm and helpful makes us innovative. We intend to attract the more casual user into the quantified self community.