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#3 Product of the DayOctober 17, 2015
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Really neat gifts! @plusbrian and @brezina are all these boxes "pre-created" and then a company's logo printed on the contents, or is there a more collaborative element to what gets sent?
@katesegrin great question! We collaborate with our partners to ensure that their brand and message is carefully articulated throughout the entire gifting experience. Generally our partners select one of our existing gift sets, but we can work with them to create an entirely new set that fits their gifting needs and reflects their brand identity. In either case, there are multiple opportunities for partner branding inside and outside of the box. :)
I freaking love this. Any barriers to shipping overseas to Hong Kong and Singapore?
@nzieber Happy to hear you're a fan! We have never shipped overseas, but I just skimmed Singapore and Hong Kong's import guidelines and there do not seem to be any barriers. If you are interested in sending some gifts there feel free to ping me at:
I love the branding and idea. It would be great to offer something a bit more "practical" for some of my clients, who typically live in rural small towns and are more "blue-collar".
Love this. Will help me getting happy customers ;)