Sesame 2

Locks your Mac when you walk away

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Conrad Barrett@conradd · Product Manager, ZX Ventures (AB InBev)
I've always wanted to do this with a wearable device - something similar to a nike fuelband - that would also be able to display 2-factor auth.
Hemal Shah@hemal · Product Manager, Twitter
I could see this being baked into employee badges for improved security in the workplace.
Andy Keil@alwaysunday · Product at Rodio
Love the idea but how long before this is baked in to cell phone technology? Do people really want to add an additional dongle for this functionality?
Angela LukMaker@angelaluk90
@alwaysunday Great to hear you like the product. We looked into building the functionality into an app at first but we realised not everyone carries their phone with them when they take a 5min break from their desks But you're right, we didn't want people to feel like they had to carry an additional product around. So in essence, we built Sesame to be forgotten about once it's been set up! To do this, Sesame gets to know you over time so knows when and how you want to lock and unlock your screen. We also tried our best to make the product as small and unobtrusive as possible so that it could be easily attached to your keys or work lanyard.
Nate Desmond@natedesmond · YouTube Quant Marketing Analyst
@angelaluk90 Yes, this is definitely my experience. My phone sits in my desk drawer at work, but my lanyard is always on.
Angela LukMaker@angelaluk90
Thanks for the mention @mutlu82! Feel free to tweet myself or @atama_io on any questions you have on Sesame2. I’ll answer them on here too.
Galen Ward@galenward · CEO, Estately
Is this based on the assumption that users will turn off the auto-locking after 1 minute feature or won't use hot corners to lock their Mac?
Angela LukMaker@angelaluk90
@galenward You'd be surprised how often people simply forget to use hot corners or just don't bother locking their Mac. The key was to make it as automated and reliable as possible.