Online invoicing with photos, smileys & txt-styling

Servicejoy is a free invoice software that allows you to craft beautiful invoices, send payment reminders and get paid faster online.

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Hi everyone! Super excited about this feature! I'm the co-founder of Servicejoy, an easy to use online invoicing software that now allows you to add photos, smileys and style texts. It has both paid (pretty affordable) and free-forever plans. I've been building several startups and products, including AVGN Systems, a web and product design studio that I ran for more than ten years. Thanks for listening :)
Why is this 'the best' invoicing system then? Why did you decide to add images, smileys etc to invoices? Don't think thats really a necessary thing to differentiate against all the other alternatives out there
@bentossell Hi Ben. We've been asked by number of our subscribers for a way to add photos into their invoices and we too felt it'll be a cool addition to our features.
@vahanavagyan Ok... maybe its just me that doesnt really see the value in adding images in an invoice. So why is it 'the best' invoicing system out there vs the others?
@bentossell I see your point and understand that not many industries will find it that useful (or useful at all). In regards to your 'why best' question — since the day one we've been focusing on making Servicejoy simple yet robust. We've been getting users that left some of pretty popular invoicing platforms for Servicejoy right after the live demo and so far they (most of them) are still using it daily.
@bentossell oh and i love this new cool and fancy green "M" badge :D
@vahanavagyan yeah but you're still not telling me what makes servicejoy the best? How is it better than all the alternatives out there at the moment?
Is there a way to specify how the invoice numbers are generated? For example, the ability to start at a set invoice #.
@incessantnoyes Hi Kate :) I love your question and the answer is YES. Servicejoy invoice (and estimate) #s are totally editable and the system will take the last # and continue from it for the newly created ones. You're also not limited to a number (digit) but you may have a combination of symbols & digits. Thanks for your question!
Hi everyone! Just wanted to share our latest blog post on this topic —
Hi @VahanAvagyan. You may already know that I use Servicejoy for Bon Cafetit! ® every single day. My team and our clients find it very easy to use and now we're adding photos of our products in invoices making it even better tool for our business. Thanks for introducing me to Servicejoy. - Gayane / CEO of Bon Cafetit! ®
@gayane_smsaryan Hello Gayane! I'm glad to hear that you, your team and your clients like Servicejoy and thanks for sharing feedback!