Servicebot for Stripe Billing

The easiest and fastest way to launch with Stripe Billing

Servicebot is a simple tool to help subscription businesses launch fast with Stripe. With Servicebot you get beautiful drop-in Pricing Pages, Signup Forms, and Subscription Management so that you get paid as quickly as possible and can focus on your product.
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Hi ProductHunt, we are super excited to show you the new rebuilt version Servicebot today. We want to make it easy and fast to launch and scale subscription businesses online. Servicebot is the UI toolkit for Stripe Billing, allowing you to build and scale your subscription business faster than ever before. Servicebot is not a billing system, it is a layer on top of Stripe Billing. You simply create your subscription products and plans in Stripe, connect to Servicebot with one-click, and embed pricing page, signup form, and subscription management portal on your website or SaaS. It takes minutes from start to end and it doesn’t consume developer resources. To make this even easier, we’ve created a sandbox area where you can see live examples of our UI toolkit. You can find the live examples here: Lastly, we have a 20% discount for the first 6 months of using Servicebot. This discount is just for today’s ProductHunt launch and will be valid until October 31st, 2019. Simply use the following coupon code when you subscribe to a Servicebot plan: PH2019
I've been using servicebot for a few months now and I enjoy it a lot. It's a straightforward plugin for my SaaS buisness and I couldn't have asked for anything simpler! Saves me time and helps my users pay and manage their subscription!
@faisal_abid Thank you! We're glad it helped you and appreciate the support!
Good luck y'all!!
Congrats on the launch, guys. Best of luck! :D
@afshana_diya Thank you Afshana :)
Servicebot cut our dev time from a few weeks to a few hours, and let us focus on our product instead of the logistics of subscription management. It’s easy to integrate even if you have existing users and authentication in place, which is definitely not true for their competitors.
@namebio Thank you Micheal. Much appreciated, looking forward to growing together!