Servicebot is a platform designed to price, sell, and manage SaaS subscriptions. The easiest way to sell SaaS subscriptions. Automate what happens when customers subscribe, cancel, and upgrade.

Instantly unlock the power of enterprise level billing automation for your business for fraction of the cost.

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@bsears_, Every SaaS founder faces this struggle to manage accounts. Couple of thoughts if you have started with B2B : A) Reach out to SaaS companies who have recently raised funding. Since they have money in their accounts, they will push their marketing efforts and would be needing solution like ServiceBot. B) Reach out to SaaS companies who are hiring for product managers because if a company is hiring for product manager, it means it is willing to spend on product that is why hiring for that role. Would be happy to hear your thoughts on this :)
@bsears_ @shreyaa_ratra That is a great idea! Thank you for the insight.
Nice idea and clear design! Robot icon is charming :)) Goodluck with product and PH top!
Nice. We need to try it out in our SAAS. :o
Seems very good! Is it Stripe only? Unfortunately Stripe is not fully available in most countries. Paypal maybe?
@brunolemos Yes, Servicebot currently only works with Stripe. Other payment gateways will be supported on the next release.
I second @brunolemos here @darafshehshar. Stripe, despite being the cleanest, has very limited reach, and a downside of VAT-MOSS nightmare in Europe. If you can aid either of these problems somehow, I’m certain that myself and many other Europe based entrepreneurs would start throwing money your way 💰
Thank you everyone for the feedback. I would like to give you all an access to a demo instance in case you want to play around with it before signing up. Let us know what you think: Link: Username: Password: demo