Service List is a curated resource of online companies that offer unlimited services, from design to writing and development to digital marketing. I'm on record hypothesizing that the unlimited services market will grow exponentially, especially with the underutilized talent distributed around the world!

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Hola and happy Friday Product Hunt, thx for the hunt @michaelfolling! Service List is a collection of companies (many pulled from Product Hunt!) that offer unlimited services for a fixed monthly fee. The current focus is design services but we’v’e started adding writing, development and marketing services also. 📔 The "Background" We started using Many Pixels for our various side project tasks with a lot of success, which sparked our curiosity for other unlimited services. With a bit research we found that the unlimited services market is growing very, very fast and we decided to build Service List as a way to keep track of this industry while also providing a resource for entrepreneurs to easily compare different service options. 🗺 The Roadmap Thanks for all the questions thus far but the focus is primarily on design for 2018 then we’ll expand the other categories early next year. - Design Samples: We’re going to test the services anonymously with the same design brief so that we can make comparisons on aesthetics, communication, and turn around time. - Reviews (@abadesi) - We’ll open up customer reviews for the design categories with manual moderation (require samples?) - Build a Startup $1000 - Experiment to build a product using only unlimited services companies. 🇲🇽 Maker Bio My name is Moe. I’m a Mexican designer trained at MIT and based in San Francisco. I love the PH community and have had a bunch of great feedback from my other 3 product launches this year. Thanks you all 💕
@moeamaya wow I'm planning to launch a sit with same concept :) I'm currently gathering the unlimited services manually - here's the spreadsheet:
@psdwizard That's just like how we started, but using Notion. Nice work, let me know when you launch.
@moeamaya this is super cool Moe! can't wait for you to add design samples/reviews
@moeamaya I haven't had a chance to do create a curated list. Though we've transitioned into productized service. Is it okay to include our unlimited design and development at to your site? Thank you
Glad to see turn-around time is on your roadmap. "Unlimited" usually means "as much as we can handle," which can be quite less than you'd expect.
@timwinfree "Unlimited Requests Per Month*" *Requests may take up to 30 days to complete, and look like they were made by the worst artist on Fiverr
Thank you for making this, as a founder it is so time consuming finding the right people to help you get stuff done as you try to focus on things that drive growth like building relationships etc -- how did you compile the list and do you have plans to add something like reviews? @moeamaya
@abadesi Hi, we represent, a premier digital agency. Drop us a line if need help with any software projects.
Looks great. How are you curating the list?
@federicojorge It's an internal ranking algorithm that's still a WIP. But the weights are price, listed turn around time, online reviews, website, portfolio and referrals. Will be updating and modifying it over time.
@federicojorge @moeamaya Definitely needs user reviews, and the ability to upload samples of work you've received from the service.
@federicojorge @rossdcurrie yup working on adding that as we speak
You can have a tab for freelancers that do the same thing