Service Diorama

Service Design Tool for Anytime, Anywhere with Anyone

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TL;DR: Service Diorama helps people expressing their service experience on the table using three types of cards. Hi Product Hunt community! this is Kaz from qeuep. Thanks to you for successful Product Hunt, I have been working on this concept for a year in Singapore and Amsterdam. Service Diorama concept is created from my experience with existing design tools. I run workshop at large organizations. Workshops give people an intro to design approaches, but It takes much longer time time and effort to adopt the design approaches. We need design tool for everyone. It should be intuitive enough so that people can learn just by playing once. It should be easy enough for many people so that adaptation cost is much lower than other design tools. Service Diorama achieved above criteria by - Limiting card types only by three. Many existing card system use many card types for people to remember everything - Using visual signs (color and line) to understand the experience ecosystem. - Making Service Diorama available for free under Creative Commons License - even commercially I hope you enjoy! Please let me know if you have any questions!