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Awesome hunt! I clicked on it thinking they're offering servers.. Actually it has tons of resources (including video) on setting up, maintaining, and monitoring servers!
I love SFH. Everything that's there is helpful for engineers of all calibers and flavors. Front end engineers that want to deploy their side projects, experienced backend engineers that want to advance their grasp, and more. The community on the forums is also very helpful and willing to explore new things with you. Great job @fideloper!
@msurguy Thanks, appreciate the kind words :D
I've been wanting to do something like this for ages
So many items get missed by developers when it comes to setting up servers, @fideloper gets them and lays it out in a way you can easily follow along. I know this sounds like a plug/shill comment, I assure you though it's not, if you run servers for your clients you need this.
If you've read @fideloper's articles, newsletters and book, you know this video series is going to be an awesome resource as well.