Next-generation server control panel

You've made me switch from Godaddy (Cpanel) to Digital Ocean + this. Great work! :)
Founders @jstnsml and @kluikens are awesome.
Fast and easy to setup! ServerPilot is what convinced me to switch from shared LAMP hosting to a VPS. Free version is fantastic with features and support set at simple tiered pricing. Sign up and server running in less than five minutes. Very impressive product!
Really easy and fast to set WordPress sites on DigitalOcean. The security is also admirable and just for 2-3 clicks. I have tried both setting DigitalOcean WordPress stack myself and using ServerPilot. You get everything you need and also beyond that with ServerPilot. Looking forward for new features. Last time I have installed a WordPress site, there wasn't a MariaDB option but would want that there if possible.