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Dear Hunters, Today we launched the 389th TV Show Tracker on the App Store. Cool right? You may have seen a lot of tv show tracker. So, what makes SERIST stand out, you ask? 1) It hasn't been designed to be beautiful. It has been designed to be useful first. The best part is at the end it is... BEAUTIFUL! 2) It has the best integration with ever. It is the only app, to our knowledge that puts the check-in at the center of the user experience. Also, it is the only app that manages the whole watch history and doesn't mess your watch history on trakt. 3) We send, with no additional cost, to our users, connected to or not, beautiful daily and weekly email report with the TV Shows coming for you. I'm here to answer any questions you may have. Hope you will enjoy SERIST as much as I do. Kevin
@kcador_ I liked that you didn't ignore that there are 400 other apps that do this and wrote why you are better. Good luck!
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@guy @kcador_ haha I like that too! Saves me asking "Why did you make another one?"
@kcador_ Great description! Appreciate your honestly.
When will you have an Android client?
@laebshade we are already working on it. It's in an internal alpha phase for the moment. We'll open the "public" beta testing in a month. Hope to land it on the Play Store before summer.
@kcador_ Could you please update here on the Android release?
@etis I will ☺️
@laebshade @etis the Android version is now available: 🙌
Just downloaded and so far I am really enjoying the experience! One suggestion, I'd love to be able to swipe the season and mark an entire season as watched. Right now I have to swipe every episode individually and each time it asks me if I watched it today or on release. I don't really need this feature and to mark every episode this way is a pain. But love it so far, great start! 👍
@guttmnn we may add some actions on a "season". But for your use case, the best thing to do is to tap on the latest episode you've seen. You'll have a "Mark as Watched including X previous episodes" action. Hope it helps 😉
@kcador_ awesome, a bit hidden but it works, thanks! Would also love to see episode descriptions when I tap on an episode. Unless i have missed that too
@guttmnn no you didn't miss that one 😆. We'll introduce that in a future version. We didn't had the time and wanted to focus on the core (tracking) first.
Hey all, @laebshade, @etis, @amyers, We opened our beta testing program for the Android version of SERIST 🎉 More about it here: Register here: K.
@amyers fyi, the Android version is now available: 🍾
You have Some great ideas, I think perhaps using a Grid would be a nice option that way users could get an overview faster. Also I'm a little red green colourblind so the contrast is a little difficult for me to see between the red and black. Other than that. Nice great swipes and simple UX. Really good focus on those points.
@intothemild thanks a lot. Some users already asked us for a grid view. To be honest, we are still thinking about it. We didn't wanted SERIST to look like MOVIST. Regarding you point on colour blindness, we are working on something that should help but 🤐.