A GIF collection and curation app

Hello from one of the makers! We're pretty much going for Pinterest-style GIF collection and organization here! Check out our Chrome extension which allows for adding GIFs directly to your Serious profile, from anywhere you find them:
We also have a chrome extension that replaces your boring new tab page with a random super sized gif. Say goodbye to your productivity.
There are some really cool gifs :)
@andreasklinger That's awesome!
Just lost 15 minutes to this site. Ugh.
@thetylerhayes We're doing our job then :)
@dando212 Except I did nothing social on the site.
Some feedback from a GIF obsessed person who shares a new one every day w my newsletter ( I think 'social netwirk' is the wrong angle entirely. Because 'pinterest for gifs' is something I very much need and want and would enjoy, but I don't need want or think I'd enjoy a social network based on gifs. The difference is subtle but I wrote this off earlier until I read your comment. Giphy is a lifesaver but a better way to curate gifs would be superb!
@dshan We actually don't consider ourselves a social network really (I did not make this post - would've called it "Pinterest for GIFs" as I stated in my comment above). We started Serious as a way to basically cleanly collect GIFs. The "social" features exist as basically a way for you to discover new GIFs from others on the site: sometimes, a comment or collection, or tag that someone else puts on an existing GIF gives it a totally new meaning, so the stream allows you to see that new interpretation as it's made. Hope that makes sense :)