A compact news reader for HN, Product Hunt and more

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Love what Charlie has made-- a clean, simple and unified experience for reading content from a wide variety of sources (most notably including HackerNews, Product Hunt and Reddit). Users can mark articles as read or simply read a brief bulleted summary of each article (summaries powered by Points ๐Ÿ˜Š). Also, the reader gives each user a unique session token so they can pick up where they left off reading from any device.
@hjonesr Thanks for posting, much appreciated.
@charlieegan3 No problem! Happy to share
Very well done. Some people have asked for a chronological view of Product Hunt's homepage. It's certainly a power use feature and may suffice until we add that sorting option (if we do -- I'm not convinced chronological is the best way to solve the actual goal).
@rrhoover Yeah, know what you mean. For me it's been more about keeping track and listing them sequentially seems the easiest way to do that, certainly across all the sources.
Nice work. I'm sure this will come in quite handy :)