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Additional Information: Interesting blog from the Serial team on The Guardian's May 2009 article covering the 501st (Bergdahl's division) --> https://serialpodcast.org/posts/... [note: in the image above, Bergdahl is on the right with the pipe] Related media: - Army Org Chart --> https://serialpodcast.org/maps/a... - Interactive Map of Afghanistan, highlighting key places --> https://serialpodcast.org/maps/a... - Fly Over OP Mest and FOB Sharana -->https://serialpodcast.org/maps/f...
@mattcwill this was a fascinating episode. I think the "no more of this Lawrence of Arabia sh*t" quote from command (in reference to Bowe's pipe smoking) really summed up people's perception of him at the time.
@j3ffmurphy Great point. Also seems to sum up his view of himself since we heard in the early episodes how he thought of himself as Jason Bourne.