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From This American Life, follow 1 story over a whole season

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Listened to the first episode last night and it was like a good book thriller that I couldn't put down (and I don't like thrillers). Follow along as Sarah Koenig and her team investigate a decade old murder of a high school teen. It seems like her ex-boyfriend was wrongfully convicted, but there's enough doubt to sway you back and forth as more evidence is uncovered every week. Really enjoyable and up to the high standards of This American Life.
@eric3000 Can't wait to check this out later! Thanks for sharing. This American Life and Radiolab are amazing.
Two episodes in, I don't think Adnan did it. I'd be curious to hear what side others who have listened are leaning towards.
@eric3000 (potential spoilers here folks) Just listened to the first three episodes of this and am hooked. One thing is for sure in my mind, his original lawyer really did screw up by not introducing that statement regarding his whereabouts during the time window in question. Regarding his innocence, they do a really great job in the episodes of making you feel he is completely innocent and then introduce another piece of information that sends you back to uncertainty. That being said I am leaning towards him not having done it. I'd really like to hear more on the potential motivation behind Jay's story that Adnan said he made up that pretty much the state's case was built on. Such a great listen, can't wait for the next one.
@rustydingo Pretty much the exact same experience I'm having. I'm also wondering about that same question: If Adnon didn't do it, then what is Jay's motivation to fabricate such a story? Did he have any connection to the real killer? Hopefully there's some sort of definitive conclusion at the end of Season 1.
@eric3000 exactly. The only reason in my mind for Jay to make something like that is he has something to do with the murder in some way that we're not being told. The recorded interview with the detectives wasn't encouraging either as he did sound like he was pretty unsure of his story points. Now whether that was nerves and trying not to incriminate himself remains to be seen (which technically he already has done by admitting he was involved in burying the body and knowing of the crime). Can't wait to hear the rest of it. I really hope there's some sort of definitive conclusion too, or my head may just explode from trying to figure it out.
I'm loving Serial too. The first episodes had the quality of great TAL episodes. My favorite episodes are when they tackle a single story anyway.
So glad to see this here on PH! Loved the first to episodes. Bravo to the TAL team!
Sarah did a This American Life recently and Ira mentioned she'd be doing more of those in her own podcast soon. It was an amazing story, so I'm looking forward to trying Serial. Confusing that the first episode is the most recent episode of TAL though—made me think I'd already subscribed somehow.
@BelleBCooper I thought that was a good promotional tactic. I subscribed to Serial because of the first episode being on TAL. They did something similar recently, featuring Startup Podcast (by a TAL alumn) in a short segment. That got me to subscribe to Startup as well:
@eric3000 I guess it would have made more sense if I'd listened to it on TAL first! I hadn't gotten around to it so I was just confused at first.