The macOS app to get your focus back 🤫

#4 Product of the DayOctober 08, 2019
Say goodbye to digital distractions and hello to undisturbed deep work with Serene, the macOS app for laser focus.
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Hey Product Hunt! We built Serene to enable remote workers to get their focus back and do their best work, free of digital distractions, in one click. Combining over a dozen focus-enhancing techniques, Serene will: 🎯Prompt you to plan your day around one clear goal that matters ⏰Break your day into clearly defined intervals of focused work 🚫Block access to distracting websites and apps during focus sessions 📊Track your productivity & common distractions 🎶Enhance your concentration with focus music We’re big fans of PH, so we’re offering 500 PH users free access to the Pro version of Serene, which comes with loads of additional features like planning days in the future, access to webhooks, phone silencing and more. Just use the promo code: PRODUCTHUNT We’d love to hear your feedback or feature suggestions we could include which would help you focus and do more of your best work! Feel free to leave a comment below :) PS - In the next few months, we'll also be launching Serene for teams, allowing you to track team productivity & distractions, get visibility on whether your colleagues are in deep work, and more. We're currently looking for 10 small teams (5-15 people) to beta test this - let me know in the comments if you're interested!
@marcusataylor The app looks really good. Congratulations on the launch.
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@dhananjaygoel Thanks Dhananjay!
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@marcusataylor I think you accidentally packaged some extra stuff (e.g. node_modules) during the Electron build. The app is 500MB. Drop me a note if you need a hand sorting it out.
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@mike_seekwell Thanks Mike, will give our dev team a heads up to look into how we can reduce it. I know a big chunk of the file size is the long music files we need for the focus music, but I think there's definitely some Electron pruning to be done! ✂️⚛️
@marcusataylor I understand the beauty in the simplicity of "one clear goal that matters." However, providing no way for including additional daily goals severely limits and restricts usage of Serene for people who can buy in to the product and who are also following a "Daily Big 3" type of methodology, or even for people who simply want to use Serene but also want to include more than a single daily goal. I rarely have only one goal for the day. I usually have a minimum or three real, quantifiable, realistic goals for the day. Thanks for the free year of PRO. I will certainly use it as is and provide additional feedback as I have it. I hope you consider adding the ability to include additional goals per day, otherwise, I can't see this becoming a must-have, must-use app for me, as much as I love the concept.
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Pros: - Simple interface (no clutter) - Works on desktop (disconnected from Chrome clutter ;)) Cons: - Needs an easy like macbook-no-brainer onboarding process
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@mwarcholinski 🙏thanks Matt, appreciate the feedback! Any macOS apps you know of with a killer onboarding process we could take inspiration from?
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Serene looks great. I'm interested too see how this app will improve my workflow in the coming week.
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I'm a big fan of Serene, combines some of the best elements of Pomodoro-style methods, task-building and distraction blocking tools into one smooth experience. The relaxing music is also a top bonus.
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@pagesauce Thanks Charlie, any feedback on how it could be improved?
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Nice work - some great updates here.
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