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A beautiful browser extension of the news from The Atlantic

Serendipity Tab offers a new story from The Atlantic, hand-picked by our newsroom, every time you open a new tab. No timers, to-do lists, RSS feeds, mail notifications, Julianne fries — just a good story to read.

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Joost Schuur
Platform Evangelist, Playmob
Is it serenity if it pulls news from today's climate?
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@joostschuur you misread "serendipity"

I would love to hear personalized on research thats easily attainable like baking soda kills cancer. Or fluoride in water is killing our organs or foodsafe hydrogen peroxide in a cup of distilled water add two drops of 35%-50%food grade hydrogen peroxide to water and it adds an extra atom of oxygen to every molecule of water. Oxygen is what we need. Or atmospheric water generators. Or real news the not fake stuff.


avenue to free press.


Lady gaga sold her soul she is hurting from demonic oppression theres nothing jazzy anout selling your passion into